MP Message / Withum Way

Embrace the Family Spirit

MP MessageI’d like to continue expanding upon the ten traits described in the Withum Way, all of which define our culture and the behaviors which best exemplify our people. Today we will cover point seven:

7. EMBRACE THE FAMILY SPIRIT. Withum people are not afraid to endear themselves to one another. They are colleagues and they are friends.

We often say what makes our firm so special is its culture. But the true essence of that culture is our people and the relationships we have with each other. One of the reasons why I enjoy walking around the offices during my visits is not only to extend a personal hello to our staff, but to take a peek at the fun photos hanging on the walls of the cubicles and offices. As expected, there are many of spouses, kids, and pets. But I also see fantastic photos from our firm events or community outreach efforts, with staff smiling, arm-in-arm, often times wearing a Withum-blue team shirt of some sort. I hear stories about staff enjoying each other’s company beyond work hours, heading to a sporting event, going to the movies, or having colleagues over in their own homes for drinks and good times. This tells me we are more than co-workers. We are friends; we are an extended family. We aren’t afraid to care for and about each other. Indeed, we have a very special firm.

The need to nurture our great culture is continuous, so go out of your way this week to get to know someone new at Withum. You’ll be a better person for it.

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