MP Message / Withum Event

State of the Firm

MP MessageWe are hours away from our State of the Firm meeting at the beautiful New Jersey Performing Arts Center. I am so excited for the day ahead! I want to extend my gratitude to the Marketing department team members who work tirelessly during this time of year to create and coordinate all the elements of this great event. A special “shout out” to Danielle Atkinson and Jin Park… thank you!

At today’s event, you will hear a lot about PURPOSE. I began speaking about our Firm’s purpose at last year’s meeting, which is “Be a Catalyst for Growth and Success.” It aligns with our Core Values messaging: to inspire and empower our clients, our staff and our communities to reach their fullest potential.

To be a purpose-led organization, it is vital that every single team member coming to work here every day understands why what they do as an individual matters. Purpose is a sense of knowing that your contributions have meaning, value and importance. Having purpose means you feel an emotional connection to your work, and that you believe you can make a positive impact on the lives of others. This is incredibly important to us personally, and it shows in how we interact with our colleagues, clients and communities.

I hope after today’s meeting, you will be inspired to further ponder your purpose, asking yourself, “Why do I do what I do every day here at Withum?” and “How am I making a difference to my family, fellow team members, our clients and communities?” Coming to work with purpose will make you more energized, more resilient, and more satisfied with your career.

See you at NJPAC!

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