Withum Strength Award

The Withum Strength Awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and distinguished service; achievements that have enhanced the Firm’s, a client’s, or a Community Service Organization’s position of strength.

Award Nomination Rules
  • Nominations may be made by Withum staff, clients, or members of the community service organizations we serve, during the annual nominating period: June 1 to November 15th.
  • All nominations must be received in Human Resources, by close of business, November 15th to be considered. Supporting endorsements should be submitted along with the Strength Award Nomination Form.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Nominations are only good for the year in which they are submitted.
  • Nominations may be made by completing a nomination form, submitting it to the nominee’s PIC, or Partner with department oversight responsibility, with required supporting documentation, for review and consideration, at least 2 days prior to the November 15th deadline.
  • PIC/Partner with department oversight responsibility will review nominations.
  • There will be a limit of one (1) nominee per office/department, per category.
  • Individuals may only be nominated for one category.
  • PIC/Partner with oversight responsibility will forward nominations to Joan Kampo, Director of Human Resources by the deadline date.
  • The Administrative Strength Award is open to all staff below Director. All other awards are open to all staff below Partner level.

Winners will be announced annually in January at the State of the Firm. Winners will receive $1,000, and an award. If a “group” or team is selected as a winner, each person will receive $1,000.

To nominate someone for a Withum Strength Award
  • Complete a Strength Award Nomination Form..
  • Be sure to follow nomination requirements as outlined. The more supporting documentation you provide the stronger the nomination will be.
  • Attach additional supporting documentation and/or endorsements, if applicable.
  • Submit to PIC for review and consideration, keeping in mind that the nomination must be submitted to Joan Kampo by close of business November 15th.

Download Microsoft Word File Download Nomination Form (128KB)

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