Leonard H. Smith Strength of Client Service Award

WS+B Strength Award

This award recognizes consistent and outstanding client service and professionalism. Just as Len Smith excelled at treating clients as his highest priority as well as being their trusted advisor, the recipients of this award have done the same. They have increased both client satisfaction and retention by exceeding client expectations with their extensive knowledge, experience, and talent to provide them with first-class service.

To nominate someone for a Withum Strength Award:

Endorsement from the PIC that that the nominee/recipient has excelled in one or more of the following:

  • Has made an extraordinary impact to client’s operations, such as a significant savings to the client since this person has been on the job;
  • Is actively involved in client relationship activities/business development outside normal job responsibilities;
  • Proven track record of consistently positive SPEAD evaluation ratings in client service excellence categories;
  • Has brought in additional revenue from a client engagement based on their ability to retain & grow the client relationship.
  • Additionally, the nominee must have at least one client testimonial/endorsement which attests to the nominee’s client service excellence.
WS+B Strength Award Nomination Form

Download Microsoft Word File Download Nomination Form (128KB)

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