What’s the Withum Way?

Think Client Centrically.

The purpose behind most everything we do revolves around the betterment of our relationships with our clients. This is the impetus behind providing ‘world-class client service.’

Possess a Vision for Growth.

Those who are most successful at WS+B can see with a long-term perspective on how our clients, our communities and our Firm can grow and succeed. They take the initiative to identify challenging issues and bring about positive change.

Welcome Innovation and Change.

Whether with new technology, revised laws and regulations, or just a client who needs to reschedule at the last minute, WS+B staff are flexible and open to embracing changes without missing a beat.

Maintain a Cooperative Attitude.

Possessing a willingness to help, to solve any problem, to ‘make it happen’, is an attribute that is appreciated tenfold by others, and you are perceived as a team player.

Demand Integrity.

One of Fred Withum’s favorite sayings was, “Our services are for sale; not our integrity.” This truism still holds strong, as WS+B staff continue to hold up the highest levels of values and ethics, and expect the same from those with whom they work.

Cultivate Open and Honest Relationships.

Developing connected, long-term relationships both professionally and personally requires a deeper level of commitment, comfort and sincerity.

Embrace the Family Spirit.

WS+B people are not afraid to endear themselves to one another. They are colleagues and they are friends.

Work hard/Play hard.

This ubiquitous motto applies all too well at WS+B. We work hard to provide the world class service our clients expect, and then celebrate together in our successes when the job is done.

Give Back.

You will never see a more caring, compassionate group of professionals than what you find here at WS+B. They are passionate about the missions of their charities of choice and encourage participation at every level.

Live Life Passionately.

If you don’t love what you are doing, then why bother doing it. Be zealous in your pursuit of living.

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